Overwhelmed by your finances?

Are you wrestling with spreadsheets and drowning in paperwork? Are you spending more time trying to make the numbers work than growing your business? I can solve your bookkeeping nightmare with efficiency and accuracy - without all the worry.

CPA Knowledge, Approachable Personality

With my accounting knowledge mixed with your passion for business - we can make you unstoppable! Your time is better spent making your customers happy and making the important decisions. Let me process your financial transactions and set you up for success!
Choose from in-person or virtual bookkeeping solutions to ensure your transactions are recorded accurately and timely.
Make pay day easy and never miss another payroll tax filing deadline. Affordable fees, online time sheets for your employees and FREE direct deposit.
Offering income tax preparation services for small businesses and individuals. Don't dread April 15, any longer! Sales and use tax, payroll tax and other tax preparation services also available.

When LeXenomics started in March of 2010, we had zero money, so there was little need for an accountant. But as we've grown (2013's fiscal year revenues are around $300,000!) it's become imperative that our own team be able to focus on our objectives and goals, while an extremely efficient and dependable accountant handles many of our back-end, administrative tasks. Enter Lydia Powell. Hiring Lydia to be our accountant has proven, as expected, to be a tremendous help for us - her trustworthiness takes a mountain of work off my plate (and mind), as Executive Director. It's an indescribable feeling knowing you don't have to worry about the ins and outs of regulations and taxes, you can just focus on what you're best at, write the checks, and leave the rest to her! No matter what the future holds for us, I hope to take Lydia with us, every step of the way.

Eric Patrick Marr, The LeXenomics Group, Inc.